Belle de Jour will be screened in the presence of Ali Badrakhan and followed by a Q&A.

Ali Badrakhan, born in Cairo in 1946, graduated from the High Cinema Institute in 1967, and was then awarded a training scholarship to continue his studies in Italy for two years. In 1969, he was the assistant director on Nadia directed by his father, Ahmed Badrakhan. On the film set, he met his wife Soad Hosni who featured in leading roles on several of his films, starting with his first feature The Love that Was (Al Hob al-lazee Kan, 1973), before going on to direct numerous films that marked the history of Egyptian cinema, such as Al Karnak (1975), Shafika and Metwally (1979) and The Shepherd and the Woman (Al Raii wa al Nesaa, 1991).
Time: Sat. 18 November 01:00 PM