With Marie Dumora
Director of Belinda

The masterclass will introduce the participants to the “Ariadne Thread”, a common thread that links all protagonists to a specific region/area. The masterclass will focus on two main points.

First, the Protagonist: how to represent onscreen an ordinary person and accompany him is his/her daily routine? When to start and end the shoot? How to keep your distance as a documentary filmmaker from your subject?
The second point will revolve around geography. How do you introduce and represent the shooting area? How to link the location to the protagonist and create the appropriate mood? What tools in films can you use to capture the relationship between person and region?

Marie Dumora is a French director who films all her documentaries in the same area which spans only a few kilometres in eastern France. She thus creates a cinematic terrain where the characters of one film lead to the next. Her works have screened at numerous festivals and won various awards, including the Intangible Heritage Award at the Cinéma du Réel festival in Paris for La Place (2012). Her film Belinda (2017) screened as part of Berlinale Panorama.
Time: Fri. 17 November 12:00 PM