Sound in Film Workshop

With Laurent Chassaigne, Fred Attal and Ahmed Adnan

The workshop will tackle key points in sound design and highlight the importance that sound plays in a film, even in pre-production. A thorough script reading is always done with audio in mind and then executed in the production stage. How does your location affect the sound - or inversely - how best to capture the sound of your location? Finally, the workshop will also touch on post-production, with a focus on sound mixing and sound checking.

Laurent Chassaigne is a Sound Recordist, Sound Editor and Sound Mixer. He worked on films such as Beauty (2011) by Oliver Hermanus & Captive (2012) by Brillante Mendoza.
Fred Attalis a Sound Designer and Sound Editor. He worked on numerous films such as the animation feature Raining Cats and Frogs (2003) by Jacques Remy Girerd and Alexander (2004) by Oliver Stone.
Ahmed Adnan is a Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist. He filmography includes Asmaa (2011) and Excuse my French (2014) by Amr Salama.
Laurent, Fred and Ahmed collaborated on Eshtebak (2016) by Mohamed Diab.
Time: Wed. 15 November 11:00 AM