Directed by Youssef Chahine
Drama | France, Egypt | 1984 | Arabic, French | English | 115 min

In 1978, Napoleon lands his army in Egypt, defeats the Mameluke warlords , and goes to Cairo. Three brothers, fervent Egyptian patriots, reject the prospect of the French domination. Bakr, the eldest, is a hothead, quick to advocate armed rebellion; Ali is more philosophical and poetic while Yehia is young and impressionable. One of Bonaparte’s generals, Caffarelli, a scientist and a humanist, makes friends with two of them, Aly and Yehia. While the resistance fighters set against the bloody oppression, Caffarelli, leaves all warlike concerns behind and rebels himself Bonaparte’s destructive conquests.

Michel Piccoli, Patrice Chereau, Mohsen Mohieddine, Mohamed Atef Genre : Drama