Directed by The Lumière Brothers
| 1896

In 1987, Alexandre Promio, employed by the company A. Lumiere et films, placed his cinematograph along the Nile in what was then known geographically as The Turkey of Asia. By doing so, he captured the first images shot in Egypt and Palestine. These shots were quickly integrated in the catalogue of the Lumiere company, allowing them to tour the world. Dr. Genard, a family friend of the Lumiere family, then assembled and edited them, allowing us to discover two coherent sequences from that footage, including some that were not included in the catalogue of the company, making this a unique opportunity to discover extremely rare images.

This screening was made possible thanks to the support of the Institut Lumiere.

The screening will be introduced by a talk with Beatrice de Pastre, Director of the Archival Collection of the CNC.