Directed by Reetta Huhtanen
Documentary | Finland, Belgium, Germany | 2019 | French, Finnish, Arabic, Spanish | 73 MIN

Show times

6 November 01:00 PM
14 November 01:00 PM
Growing up in the Molenbeek district of Brussels amidst suicide bombings and police patrols, six-year-old friends Aatos and Amine ponder the big existential questions that have occupied thinkers and theologians since the beginning of time. Is there a higher power? Is nature a god? Aatos wants a god of his own, just as Amine has Allah, but the question becomes complicated when his friend Flo expresses her belief that "people who believe in God have become crazy…crazy because they believed God existed and he doesn't. With refreshing clarity, the kids strip spirituality down to its basic principles and question knowledge itself. When does playing God shift from peering through paper periscopes and dressing up as Hellenic heroes into armed conflict and violence? The way these children make sense of the senseless and reflect their surroundings via make-believe stands to teach adults a great deal about how and when humans become separated from their humanity.

Young Onion Award for the best newcomer’s film - MakeDox 2019
Golden Lynx Awarenesses for Best Documentary Feature - New Directors | New Films Festival 2019
Official Selection - Hot Docs 2019

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