HOPE - ( HÅP )

Directed by Maria Sødahl
Drama | Norway, Sweden | 2019 | Norwegian | 125 MIN

Show times

3 April 07:00 PM
7 April 07:00 PM
10 April 10:00 PM
What happens with love when a woman in the middle of her life gets three months left to live? Anja (43) lives with Tomas (59) in a large family of biological children and stepchildren. For years, the couple have grown independent of each other. When Anja gets a terminal brain cancer diagnosis the day before Christmas, the couple are thrown into a crash course in mutual trust. By getting to know each other anew, they unconsciously become the principal characters in their own love story.

Official Selection - Berlin International Film Festival 2020
Grand Prize for Best Feature - Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2020
Honourable Mention - Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2020

Andrea Bræin Hovig, Stellan Skarsgård