Directed by Ann Sirot, Raphael Balboni
Drama | Belgium | 2020 | French | 87 MIN

Show times

3 April 10:00 PM
6 April 10:00 PM
10 April 07:00 PM
Alex and Noémie, both in their thirties, want a child. But their plans are upset when Alex’s mother, Suzanne, starts acting rather bizarrely. It is due to her suffering from “semantic dementia,” a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that influences her behavior. She spends money recklessly, visits her neighbors in the middle of the night to eat slices of bread, and cobbles together a fake driver’s license for herself with scissors and glue. Suzanne the mother becomes an uncontrollable child. An unexpected and unusual parenting boot camp for Noémie and Alex!

Official Selection - FIFF NAMUR 2020
First Feature Competition - Tallinn Black Nights FF 2020

Lucie Debay, Jo Deseure, Jean Le Peltier