Pororoca - ()

Directed by Constantin Popescu
Drama | Romania, France | 2017 | Romanian | 153'

Show times

9 November 01:00 PM
13 November 04:00 PM
One sunny day at the park, five-year-old Maria and her brother Ilie are running around the busy playground. Their dad, Tudor, drinks coffee and chats to the other parents. Everyone is keeping an eye out and yet, suddenly, the unthinkable happens: Maria is gone. Helpers are called in and do their utmost, but that evening Tudor and his wife Cristina are at home, devastated: their daughter has really disappeared.

Silver Shell for Best Actor – San Sebastian IFF 2017
In Competition (International Feature Film) – Zurich IFF 2018
Official Selection (Voices) – Rotterdam IFF 2018

Bogdan Dumitrache, Iulia Lumanare, Costin Dogioiu