Directed by Ellen Fiske and Ellinor Hallin
Documentary | UK, Sweden | 2019 | English | 90 MIN

Show times

7 November 01:00 PM
10 November 01:00 PM
The year that Gemma was born was the same year in which she was robbed of a future. Gemma’s birth – to a drug addicted mother who abandoned her as an infant, and a father who doesn’t feature in the film – coincided with the closing of the local steel plant. And now the best that Gemma, and most of the other kids in her working-class housing project or ‘scheme’ in Motherwell, Scotland, can hope for, is to get “locked up or knocked up”. The facts of life for the teenagers in Gemma’s circle are as hard and unpromising as the squat concrete blocks which house them. But this extraordinary documentary weighs the bleak details – and they are, at times, almost unbearably grim – against moments of lyrical beauty and even humour. It’s a remarkable achievement.

Official Selection - Hotdocs 2019
Albert Mayles New Documentary Director Award Winner - Tribeca FF 2019


English Subtitles