The Cleaners - ()

Directed by Moritz Riesewieck, Hans Block
| Germany, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, USA | 2018 | English | 88’|12+

Show times

9 November 01:00 PM
11 November 04:00 PM
14 November 07:00 PM
Dive into a secret industry of online content moderation. Here we meet five “digital scavengers,” a handful of thousands of people outsourced from Silicon Valley whose job is to delete “inappropriate” content off of the internet. In a parallel struggle, we meet people around the globe whose lives are dramatically affected by online censorship. A typical “cleaner” must observe and rate thousands of intense images every day, from war zone photography to pornography, leading to lasting psychological impacts. Yet underneath their work lies profound questions around what makes an image art or propaganda and what defines journalism.

In Competition (World Cinema Documentary) – Sundance FF 2018