Directed by Dea Gjinovci
Documentary | France, Switzerland | 2019 | Albanian, Swedish | 74 MIN

Show times

1 April 04:00 PM
4 April 01:00 PM
6 April 01:00 PM
Two teenage sisters, Ibadeta and Djeneta, lie in a vegetative state in the small Swedish home of their Kosovar family. The cause of their mysterious malady is known as “resignation syndrome,” entwined with their personal trauma experienced as refugees shuttled between two countries. As their devoted parents work to keep their daughters alive while awaiting updates on their immigration status, their youngest son, Furkhan, imagines a life beyond the snowy expanse of his temporary backyard—and into the far reaches of space. Furkhan’s desire to build his dream ship to the stars, escaping the unimaginable reality of his sisters’ illness, serves as a powerful, visually arresting metaphor for the contemporary refugee experience. But will Furkhan and his family be forced to return to Kosovo before he finishes his masterpiece and his sisters return to consciousness?

Winner of Hera Award - Biografilm Festival 2020
Best Documentary Feature Nominee - Tribeca FF 2020